Restaurant Guide

Restaurant Type: Casual

Bluegrass Sabor
115 S Main St • 502-604-6110

Bluegrass Sabor is one of the newest – and certainly the most flavorful stops - on Kentucky’s Bourbon Trail, and it is a stop you’re sure to enjoy.

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Bourbon Street on Main
204 S Main St • 502-353-4265

Bourbon Street on Main is ecstatic to invite you to experience the captivating atmosphere of New Orleans all while never having to leave the familiarity of KY.

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Casa Bonita Mexican Restaurant
1004 Bypass North • 502-859-8116

Great variety of food with a great atmosphere.

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Don Pedros
1002 Eagle Lake Dr • 502-859-2020

Foliage Chinese Restaurant
755 W Broadway • 502-839-8370

Heavens to Betsy!
116 S Main St • 502-859-9291

Gourmet sandwiches made to your order. Homemade desserts made from our kitchen. Also now serving beer and wine.

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Hometown Pizza
1090 Glensboro Rd • 502-839-7175

Huddle House
1014 Bypass South • 502-859-0880

Delicious food for any meal, at any time. Open 24 hours.

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La Isla
751 W Broadway • 502-839-9550

Good food and drinks at great prices accompanied with excellent service.

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Lane's Diner
1090 Glensboro Rd • 502-353-4185

Tonya's Buffet
101 Hilltop Dr • 502-353-4236