Seeking Applications for Joint Tourism Executive Director

The Lawrenceburg/Anderson County Joint Tourism Commission seeks applicants for the position of Executive Director.  As a newly reconstituted body, we are in the early stages of promoting our community as a preferred destination and are anxious to employ a person to work with us to translate the potential of Anderson County and Lawrenceburg into reality.  We have tremendous assets and potential.  We have strong support from the city and county governmental bodies and the citizens of Anderson County.

We are seeking a person who has the personal qualities, skills and relevant experiences to work hand-in-hand with us.  We are looking for someone who is comfortable working with our community, someone who can show a wide rage of skills, flexibility, and resourcefulness; someone who can work independently.  We want someone who has excellent communication, presentation and interpersonal skills, someone who is creative with an eye to design.  The new Director must be willing and eager to learn.

Working under the direction of the Commission, the Executive Director will facilitate the development and oversee the strategic plan for our community.  He/she will manage the budget.  The Director will be our liaison with business, the members of the community and public agencies and individuals.  This individual will be responsible for working behind the scenes to insure all activities are carried out with highest standards.  The Director will produce tourism information, set up and oversee exhibitions and events, organize special and seasonal events and plan and organize tours.  He/she will work with local media and manage new forms of communication including website, database, and e-tourism platform.

Additionally, we expect the Executive Director will be the primary party in seeking outside support for our initiative, including writing applications, seeking opportunities, meeting with local parties and community groups.

Qualifications:  Although the Commission will consider varied backgrounds and experiences, the following may be beneficial:  tourism management, business and/or management, journalism, marketing, communications and media, community development.

Salary and Benefits:  Compensation including salary and benefits will be dependent on experience and terms of employment.

Applications will be due to the Commission by June 16, 2017.  Applications should be sent to:

Lawrenceburg/Anderson County Joint tourism Commission
℅ Gene Wilhoit
524 South Main Street
Lawrenceburg, KY 40342