Lawrenceburg Ghost Walk

Join Jeff Waldridge for a guided walking tour of downtown Lawrenceburg. See and hear evidence captured during investigations. Starting at the old TB Ripy House and working its way down Main Street, the tour guides you through amazing history and ghostly hauntings of the buildings. You'll get to enter various buildings downtown and experience the ghosts yourself. Tours every Saturday Night at 8 pm till October 31st.  Cost is $10 at the door or $9 advance online tickets.

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Walking with Ghosts

Walking up to an old mansion on Lawrenceburg’s historic Main Street, I could almost feel an other-worldly presence amongst the old trees that surround the TB Ripy House. The air was thick with anticipation as the crowd began gathering around the front steps. Standing in front of the old porch...

Lawrenceburg Ghost Walk

Jeff Waldridge explaining the history of illegal alcohol sales during Prohibition.

Jeff Waldridge and crowd in front of the Anderson County Court House.