John Dowling's Distillery

How an Anderson County Distillery Ended Up in Mexico

March 3, 2017

Anderson County was home to many bourbon distilleries, but Prohibition ended most of them.  However, through a strange set of events, one of the county’s premier distilleries would end up being moved one piece at a time to Mexico to continue distilling the spirit. Although not the first distiller in Anderson County, John Dowling, nevertheless, […]

Pre 1900s Lawrenceburg

The Fire That Nearly Destroyed Lawrenceburg

February 23, 2017

Early Lawrenceburg was plagued with devastating fires, oftentimes consuming large parts of the city and historic landmarks like the courthouse which burnt twice in its history.  But there was one fire that nearly completely destroyed the city, causing almost $3.7 million worth of damage in today’s dollars. In the morning hours of a very windy […]


The Man Behind the Name

February 8, 2017

Although the name, Anderson, is in the top twenty most popular surnames, the man for which Anderson County was named after was one of the state’s politicians with the most potential, even possibly eyeing the presidency. Richard Clough Anderson, Jr. was born on August 4th, 1788 to Richard Anderson, Sr. and Elizabeth Clark.  His father […]

Bonds Mill Distillery

Nation’s Only Water Powered Distillery at Bond’s Mill

February 1, 2017

Although now overshadowed by the very successful Four Roses Distillery, Anderson County used to be home to the state’s smallest and what was the nation’s only water powered distillery.  Bearing the same name as the road leading to the area, the Bond’s Mill Distillery was once an icon to the county and state. The Bond’s […]

Iconic KET Host Dave Shuffett Calls Anderson County Home

January 31, 2017

An iconic Kentucky Educational Television host has decided to call Anderson County home and present just a small fraction of his amazing stories at last week’s meeting of the Anderson County Rotary Club.  Dave Shuffett, known for his work at KET, hosting Kentucky Life and other video productions, has traveled the state for many years, […]

Camdenville Turnpike, looking east towards Main Street

Ghosts of Lawrenceburg’s Past

January 14, 2017

Lawrenceburg’s ghost stories and hauntings are well known and even have been featured on national television.  But, these stories aren’t a recent phenomenon and go back to the city’s early days and were famous enough to make the history books. Fascination with ghosts here in Lawrenceburg have been popular ever since the creation of the […]

Completed Carnegie Library

How One of the Richest Men in America Built the County Library

October 6, 2016

Education in Anderson County wouldn’t be what it is today without the efforts of local residents and one of the richest men in America during the 1900s.  The Anderson Public Library started its roots as a large donation from the steel mogul, Andrew Carnegie. During the turn of the twentieth century, the county had a […]

2016 Burgoo Festival is a Big Success

September 25, 2016

The 2016 Anderson County Burgoo Festival has officially drawn to a close, but it has been an incredible weekend for many.  Starting this past Friday, the festival seen a record number of vendors and scores of attendees visiting the booths and downtown stores.  With warm and clear weather throughout the weekend, the festival was a […]

Filming of Flim Flam Man (Provided by Don White)

Remembering Ben Franklin Store and Flim Flam Man

September 9, 2016

What is today’s Downtown Lawrenceburg KY Visitor Center used to be many different stores.  One that many in the community remembers is the old Ben Franklin Store that was owned and operated by Mike Wright. The Ben Franklin Store in Lawrenceburg started back in 1965 and continued until the early 1980s.  Mike remembers how the […]