Brenda Sizemore and Joyce

Using Cups to Alleviate Pain and More

August 15, 2016

As people around the world and also in our county watch the Olympics, many have seen unusual circular marks on the backs of the Olympic athletes.  Caused by a massage therapy called cupping, Brenda Sizemore from Therapy in Motion has seen a large increase in interest for the therapy in Anderson County. Cupping is an […]

Ida Roberts and Sherry Walker

Next Step in Stopping Drug Addiction Comes to Anderson County

August 8, 2016

Another step is coming to Anderson County to help end the epidemic of drug and substance addiction that is not only affecting our county, but much of the state as well.  The Anderson County HEROES, which recently held a walk/run from the high school to the court house to take a stand against drug addiction, […]

Leeann Spivey and Megan Ruth

Leeann Spivey to Provide In School Medical Clinic Service

August 4, 2016

The new school year is just about here, and the new in school medical clinic program is ramping up.  Nurse practitioner Leeann Spivey and nurse Megan Ruth from the Ready Care Clinic have been hired by Cumberland Family Medical to provide the new service at all the schools in the county. The in school medical […]

Dry Needling to Help Alleviate Pain

July 31, 2016

Although it looks painful, dry needling is a new healing approach making its way to Lawrenceburg.  Now done by Matthew Berry at Kort Physical Therapy, the idea of dry needling is to stimulate healing by inserting a small needle in painful areas. According to Matt, who was just recently trained in the method, dry needling […]

Tony and his physical therapist, Cindy Crook of Performance Physical Therapy

Tony Coulter: Staying Strong Despite Losing Legs and Sight

July 24, 2016

Just imagine this.  You’re lying in a hospital bed with the smell of disinfectant and the color of sterile white all around you and infiltrating your senses.  Your doctor comes in the hospital room and tells you, “We have to amputate your leg today.  Without the immediate amputation, you could lose your life.” Fantasy or […]

Legion Park Bustling During 5k Run for LIGHT Center

July 17, 2016

The American Legion Park was bustling last night as APEX Ministries hosted their 5k run/walk in support of the LIGHT Center.  The run, called “This Little Light of Mine,” attracted a number of runners to help both organizations. The LIGHT Center was originally created last year to not only help those in need find resources […]

It’s a bike. It’s a car. No, it’s an ELF!

July 14, 2016

Ever dream of riding a bicycle in the rain but not getting wet or getting a boost from an electric motor to go further while still having the option to burn calories?  Lawrenceburg resident, Mary Cappello, is living this dream when she bought an Organic Transit ELF. This unique bright orange three wheeled vehicle features […]

Many Local Organizations Come Together to Stop Drug Abuse

July 13, 2016

The Anderson County Agency for Substance Abuse Policy held their special meet and greet event last night at the Anderson County Board of Education building where 41 representatives from many various organizations and government bodies came together to show support and collaboration against drug abuse. In attendance were local officials including State Representative James Tipton, […]

Balloon Release in Memory of Those Lost to Addiction

Anderson County Takes a Stand Against Drug Addiction

July 9, 2016

Anderson County took a big stand last night against drug addiction.  The newly formed Anderson County HEROES held a walk to not only remember those lost to addiction but also to bring more awareness of the problem and end the stigma surrounding it. Called the Crusade Against Addiction, walkers gathered at the Anderson County High […]