Jeff Waldridge explaining the history of illegal alcohol sales during Prohibition.

Walking with Ghosts

June 7, 2015

Walking up to an old mansion on Lawrenceburg’s historic Main Street, I could almost feel an other-worldly presence amongst the old trees that surround the TB Ripy House. The air was thick with anticipation as the crowd began gathering around the front steps. Standing in front of the old porch was Jeff Waldridge, creator of […]

A Day just for the Ladies in Lawrenceburg

May 9, 2015

Today was the 2nd Annual LADIES DAY in Lawrenceburg and it was a huge success. Hundreds of Ladies participated and had the time of their lives. Shopping, eating and winning great prizes was enjoyed by all. Thank you to all the ladies who came and to all the businesses who participated. And a HUGE thank […]

Mark Twain Visits Lawrenceburg

May 7, 2015

Tonight I stopped by the ANDERSON COUNTY SENIOR CENTER to see the program they sponsored about Mark Twain. It was amazing. I did not know this type of show was available here in Lawrenceburg. The program was put together by the Kentucky Humanities Council. It was so well done, you felt like you had stepped […]