Steakhouse to Open at Eagle Lake

September 27, 2016

A new steakhouse restaurant is planned to open at Eagle Lake which is located at the north end of the county on US127.  The new restaurant, called Patater’s Steakhouse, will be at the old Chef’s Southern Restaurant. Patater’s Steakhouse will feature a variety of steak options, including filet mignon, grilled top sirloin, and rib-eye steaks.  […]

2016 Burgoo Festival is a Big Success

September 25, 2016

The 2016 Anderson County Burgoo Festival has officially drawn to a close, but it has been an incredible weekend for many.  Starting this past Friday, the festival seen a record number of vendors and scores of attendees visiting the booths and downtown stores.  With warm and clear weather throughout the weekend, the festival was a […]

Big Changes and Record Number of Vendors Planned for Burgoo

September 21, 2016

The Anderson County Burgoo Festival is just around the corner and a number of changes are planned for this year’s event.  Larry Simpson from the festival organization was at the Joint Lawrenceburg-Anderson County Tourism Board meeting yesterday highlighting what will be in store for this weekend’s events. One of the biggest changes will be the […]

The Amazingly Versatile and Incredibly Delicious Biscuit

September 15, 2016

Ciara Hyatt from Homemade Takeout, our food columnist, decided to share a recipe for her son’s favorite food, biscuits! My husband and I like to play a game with the kids when we’re at the dinner table to encourage communication and get a few laughs. Basically, we just ask each other questions and try to […]

Mike and Alvin Cummins

Lakeside Restaurant Reopens Today

September 1, 2016

The old Lakeside Restaurant on Harrodsburg Road has officially reopened today under new owners.  Mike Cummins, along with his brother Alvin and other family members, have completely renovated the interior of the restaurant. The new restaurant features a full range of meal options, from breakfast to dinner.  According to Mike, they have obtained Annie’s Coney […]

Anna Bauer

A Sweet Family Business Steeped in Family Tradition

August 25, 2016

Hidden away off of US127 near the northern county line is a candy factory steeped in history and family tradition.  Bauer’s Candies is owned by a fourth generation candy maker who sells the incredibly delicious caramel biscuit called Modjeskas. Bauer’s Candies was started way back in 1889 in Louisville by the great grandfather of the […]

A Perfect Snack That Even Kids Can Make

August 18, 2016

Ciara Hyatt from Homemade Takeout, our food columnist, came up with this amazing blueberry-apple crumble that is perfect for kids to help make: My kids love to help out in the kitchen, so lately I’ve been letting them get involved and trying my best to stay out of their way.  Recently, my 10 year old […]

Making It Easier To Help Others

August 14, 2016

Finding an easier way to help others is something that Ciara Hyatt from Homemade Takeout has recently started.  Having found a number of customers wanting to give to help pay for others meals, Ciara created a “giving board” where people can donate and indicate where the help should go to if they like. Having been […]

Bringing Some Magical Foods Back to Lawrenceburg

August 7, 2016

Ciara Hyatt from Homemade Takeout, our food columnist, recently took a magical trip to Disney World where she and her family experienced some amazing foods.  Being the great chef that she is, she decided to bring back one of the best foods she had there, all stacked on a stick: This summer, my husband and […]