A Word on Love and Commitment from Fox Creek Christian Church

March 6, 2016

Mark Wells, lead minister from Fox Creek Christian Church, sent in an amazingly moving article on love and commitment and how loving others can improve our community: Our culture has several uses of the word “heart.” For example, a person without compassion is described as “heartless,” and we urge them to “have a heart.”  The […]

New Author Shines Light on Religious Hypocrisy

February 21, 2016

Lawrenceburg gained another published author last year.  Martha Johnston, Lawrenceburg resident for 30 years, had a desire to write a book for many years.  “It was always my dream to be a published author,” Martha said. Writing for years, she wouldn’t complete her story, “In My Heart and Mind,” until after she retired.  Written under […]

Drama Team

A Ladies Retreat Weekend at Sand Spring

February 20, 2016

An amazing night took place last night at Sand Spring Baptist Church’s Ladies Retreat called “Beauty From Ashes”.  It was a wonderful night of testimonial, sharing, hugging, crying, and all the while learning about how God always loves us and how to rise above the ashes during the rough times in our lives in a […]

A Community of Faith from Fox Creek Christian Church

February 14, 2016

Mark Wells, lead minister from Fox Creek Christian Church, sent in an amazingly moving article on how our community draws on faith to help one another: The truth is: we’re all aging. Some of us just don’t like to admit it or perhaps face up to it. Just recently, I read there’s an internet site […]

Photo by Greg Walters

A Word on Faithfulness from Fox Creek Christian Church

January 31, 2016

Mark Wells, lead minister from Fox Creek Christian Church, sent in an amazingly moving article on faithfulness. Drawing from personal experience, he paints a wonderful story on what a world and community would be like if everyone was more faithful: I can remember many times sitting around listening to my grandparents talking to their friends […]

Who’s Your Neighbor? From Fox Creek Christian Church

January 24, 2016

Mark Wells, lead minister at Fox Creek Christian Church, was inspired by the snow and how community support has changed through the years.  Questioning on who is really your neighbor, Mark wrote this moving article about what it really means help your neighbor: We’ve really been spoiled this winter, seriously 70 degree December days are […]

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Thank You from the Awakening Ministries of Kentucky

January 10, 2016

We, the board of Awakening Ministries of Kentucky, would like to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts to each church & ministry group that participated in the Kentucky 120 United Bible Reading Marathon. It has been such an honor to work with the Body of Jesus in Anderson County! It was such […]

Bible Reading Marathon Continues Through Cold Weather

January 3, 2016

Starting midnight on January 1st, a small tent was placed on the Anderson County Court House lawn.  Inside, a group of devout Christians began reading the Bible in a marathon style.  Day and night, people from different churches and organizations would start the next relay, moving one verse at a time in a continuous flow.  […]

Amy Waddell and Leslie Hardin

Local Church Helping Residents to Lose Weight

December 31, 2015

Located on Hilltop Dr, a local church will be offering a unique program starting in January to help people lose weight and stay healthy and fit.  APEX Ministries at 115 Hilltop Dr will be hosting their very own “Biggest Loser” starting on January 5th which will be open to anyone who would like to participate.  […]