Athletic Trainer Helps Train EMS for Sports Emergencies

Chelsea Hartley and Mark Fang

Dealing with sports related injuries is serious, and the athletic trainer at Anderson County Schools has been training local EMS to help during emergency situations.

Mark Fang, the certified athletic trainer at KORT Physical Therapy in Lawrenceburg, has been providing sports medicine help at Anderson County School for two years.  During his time working at the schools, he has helped numerous student athletes in recovering from injuries.  Being on the field and at practices allows him to be in constant watch to quickly step in if an injury is detected.

And, during the summer, he along with three of his colleagues decided to help train Anderson County EMS on how to handle injured players, particularly with those wearing protective equipment.  According to Mark, removing equipment from student football players can be difficult when the player may have a spinal injury.  They also went over ways to stabilize the patient for transport.

Mark feels that by having everyone working with the same knowledge, they will be able to provide better care during emergency situations.

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