Fifth Graders Become Entrepreneurs at Lemonade Wars

Tanya Blackhurst and Lisa HudsonMayor Goodlett

Fifth graders at Emma B Ward Elementary got a chance to be their own entrepreneurs last week as they competed with each other to sell lemonade and more.

Called the “Lemonade Wars,” the event was started three years ago as a way to encourage summer reading, creativity and business sense.  Tanya Blackhurst and Lisa Hudson from the school explained that fifth graders are assigned to read the book with the same name as the event during the summer.  It portrays two siblings who compete with each other to see how much lemonade they could sell.

When the children come back to school in the Fall, they then review the book, put into different groups and design their own lemonade stand decked out with much more than just lemonade.  From face painting to snacks, the students chose what they thought would sell best and then created advertisements and even TV commercials for their stands.

According to Lisa, they had 17 stands in the competition this year with lots of thirsty and hungry buyers from the lower grades and even community members like Mayor Goodlett.  With student created currency, they got to purchase from the stands they liked the best.

The event is heralded as a great encouragement to keep children learning in the summer. “It is trying to connect to their summer reading and trying to encourage that summer reading,” Lisa said.  “It’s really interesting,” Mayor Goodlett also added.

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