Anderson County Musician Releases Album

With grit and determination, an Anderson County native and musician has debuted his own music album that is now available across all digital media outlets.

Ever since he can remember, Jarrod Stratton has been playing music.  Growing up with music in his blood from his father who played in a southern rock and country band, he picked up the guitar when young and hasn’t looked back.

Jarrod started to play at church and moved onto southern rock and country like his father.  He then played with writing poems and putting music to the lyrics.

But it wasn’t until he hit one of the most down times of his life that he would be given an opportunity to record his own music.  A chance meeting with someone who wanted to record his music would lead him to Broken Crow Studios in Lexington to create his own four track album, called “Wrong Side of the Tracks.”

Growing up poor, Jarrod wants to show that with determination and a bit of help, anyone can accomplish anything. “I just want to show people that you can come from anywhere,” he said.  “You don’t have to be from a certain class to be able to make anything you want to do.”

Jarrod will be holding a CD release party at Bourbon Street on Main on September 8th.  His album can be purchased on music sites like Apple iTunes.  You can also listen to it on Youtube.

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