Helping Beautify Anderson County One Yard at Time

An Anderson County resident’s passion for gardening not only has helped beautify parts of Lawrenceburg but has also led her to create her own gardening business.

Frances Cox grew up in a family of farmers in Marion County and has enjoyed growing plants and gardening for practically her whole life.  “If I can put something in the ground and watch it grow and give pleasure to somebody, then that makes me really happy,” Frances said.

After joining the St Lawrence Catholic Church, she noticed that the yard and landscaping wasn’t getting much attention.  So two years ago, she decided to volunteer her skills and revitalized the church’s garden beds.

Adding different tints of green plants, some splashes of color and definition, and even a couple of new flower beds, she brought lots of natural beauty to the church’s yard.  Frances explained that everyone at the church was overwhelmingly happy with the results.

The great results led to many saying she should start her own landscaping business.  She decided to go for it, but instead of focusing on landscaping with lawn mowing and grass maintenance, Frances focused her new business just on plant and flower beds.

Called the Green Thumb, Frances has already hired three employees and is busy adding natural beauty all over the county.  She explained that they will do just about any work involving plant and flower beds, from groundbreaking to mulching.

She also likes to work with homeowners to help design flower beds with favorite colors in mind and what kind of trees and bushes would work best for the property.  They also will maintain the beds for a year after planting, visiting the property once a month.

To find out more about the Green Thumb, contact Frances at 502-714-8829.

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