Best Eclipse Viewing Times and Safety Tips

After much anticipation, the 2017 total solar eclipse will be starting tomorrow afternoon for both us here in Anderson County and throughout the country.

Even though we won’t see a total eclipse in Lawrenceburg, residents will experience almost total darkness.  According to NASA, the moon will cover 96% of sun above our skies here in Anderson County.

The eclipse will start at 1:01pm and will take roughly one and a half hours before reaching the darkest point of the eclipse at 2:29pm.  It will then be another hour and a half before full brightness is reached again at 3:53pm.

Since we are experiencing almost but not total darkness, it will be tempting to look at the eclipse without special eye protection.  However, according to Dr. Smith at Family Eye Care Center here in Lawrenceburg, eclipse glasses or other approved solar viewing eye protection will be needed to view the eclipse at any point to avoid damaging your eyes.

More information about safely viewing the eclipse can be found here.  Have fun and stay safe watching the eclipse.

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