Library Board Decreases Tax Rate

Following the City of Lawrenceburg’s proposed tax rate decrease earlier in the week, the Anderson Public Library Board of Trustees voted to also lower their tax rates this past Tuesday during their monthly board meeting.

Library director, Pam Marks, explained to the board that the compensating tax rate for the library was determined to be lower than last year’s tax rate due to an increase to the tax base.  The newly proposed rate was determined to be 8.3 cents per $100 of assessed real and personal property instead of 8.4 cents.

“I think it says a lot that we decrease our rate to 8.3,” Bryan Proctor, library board president, said as he explained that they were able to take a decrease during the large expansion project that the library started last year.

According to Pam, the board has kept the same tax rate since 2014. The board voted unanimously for the decrease.

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