Bringing a Positive Message to Youth Through Martial Arts

Bringing a positive message of encouragement to the youth of Anderson County is something that Floyd Johnson and Julio Gallegos are passionate about as they open their new fitness center.

Called the Foundation MMA and Fitness Center, the new gym on East Court Street is meant to be a beacon of hope.  Having a rough childhood and living on the streets for two years, Julio explained that he personally experienced a lack of caring from those around him.

After finding someone who gave him encouragement, he decided to learn mixed martial arts, which helped change his life.  From that point, he wanted to open a gym so he could give that same support and encouragement to others.

Year later, after seeing an increase of children in similar situations with drug addicted parents, he and Floyd decided to open Foundation MMA as a way to provide a positive direction for Anderson County youth.  “They don’t have to be in the same outlook as their surroundings.  You can step over the fence and reach the sky,” Julio said.

Julio explained that through MMA and other after school programs offered at the gym, he hopes to provide support, discipline, and encouragement where normally youth wouldn’t find at home.  He also hopes to build their self-respect.

Foundation MMA is also open to adults and will be offering a variety of fitness programs like Zumba, yoga, Tai Chi, and more.  For more information, check out their Facebook page.

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