Hopestock to Bring Help and Resources to Addicts and Families

A local organization hopes to create a large rally here in Lawrenceburg drawing support from all over the country to help those suffering with drug addiction along with providing support for their families.

Called Hopestock, the event is being planned by the local drug addiction recovery and support group, Anderson County HEROES.  Paul Barrick, president of HEROES, explained that he wanted to bring hope and resources to families of loved ones suffering with addiction.  “I came up with the title Hopestock: a festival of hope and recovery,” he said.

Paul explained that the idea of Hopestock has been gaining popularity across the country, and he foresees the possibility of this Hopestock rally will be the first of many throughout the nation.  For the Lawrenceburg event, Paul said that many people from around the state and nation will be attending and speaking.

In addition, there will be many different addiction resources represented as well as entertainment, with the goal to get as many from Anderson County to attend as possible.  According to Paul, overdose rates are continuing to increase in the county, and they will be sharing just what is happening to help reduce drug use.

To help draw a large crowd, Paul asked Chrysler of Lawrenceburg owner, Ron McCauley, to see if he could help.  Ron agreed to hold a drawing during the event to give away a car.

They will also be holding a special walk as well as bringing in a wall of remembrance for family members to place photos of loved ones lost to addiction.  Paul hopes to see this event change Anderson County for the better.

Hopestock will be held at the Lawrenceburg Green on September 16th from noon to 7pm.  For more information, check out the HEROES Facebook page.

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