Great Daycares: Little Acorns

Shawna and Mary Ellen Stratton

Quality child care starts with passionate teachers and that’s something Little Acorns Daycare on Alton Station Road works to provide every day.

Owned and operated by Shawna and Mary Ellen Stratton, Little Acorns strives to provide a very family oriented daycare.  According to Shawna, they work to make sure the children and parents know every teacher in their facility and take into consideration a child’s home life to make him or her feel as comfortable as possible.

They also work to make sure they employ teachers that are truly passionate and qualified as they make a strong impact on a child’s life. “Every part of a quality teacher’s daycare from the time they come in until the time they leave, they are making an impact on those children’s lives,” Shawna said.

Shawna wants to continually improve the faculty at Little Acorns to provide the best service.  As part of their yearly goals, they have decided to help their teachers to gain higher education through schooling opportunities.

Little Acorns is currently rated a two star facility with the state STARS program, and Shawna explained that they are working to receive their third star shortly with plans to go all the way to five stars.  With each star awarded, it signifies that a daycare goes above and beyond state standards.

Shawna also explained that they use a custom designed curriculum that works closely with state standards to prepare students to enter school at the Sparrow Early Childhood Center.  She said that they emphasize in bringing in real life experiences like actual photos of local fire stations when teaching about firefighters.

For more information about Little Acorns, they can be contacted at 502-600-0254 or

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