Resident Helps Others to Help Themselves

An Anderson County resident has dedicated herself to helping others in need by giving them a hands up instead of a hand out.

Giving a presentation at the Anderson County Chamber of Commerce’s Leadership Charitable Organizations’ Challenge Day, Donna Crain Drury explained that she grew up in a financially strapped family with a disabled father and four other siblings.  The family at times struggled with providing food and other needed resources.

However, Donna feels that growing up that way has made her the way she is now and created the passion to get out to help others to help themselves.  She has worked to create a program, called Empowerment^3, which represents the three important “E’s” of education, employment, and encouragement.  “I think all of these things are important for people to live a better life,” she said.

Donna explained that the program is divided into three parts. The first is “Empower Yourself” where she mentors people to help them find employment.  This includes newly graduated high schoolers, those that are recovering drug addicts, and those that just can’t find a job.  She provides tips for interviewing and education.

The second part is all about education opportunities.  Called “Empowering You,” Donna compiled thousands of scholarship opportunities for Anderson County students to help fund their education.  She has even created her own scholarship program, funding it herself.

The third is pure encouragement.  Donna explained that she teaches etiquette to help build listening and communication skills along with manners.  She also works to stop bullying through her other program, called Back Up Bully.

Donna said that the entire program she offers is something she does for free to help empower people.  She is working on applying for a 501c3 non-profit status to apply for grants later on, but it is truly a passion for her and something she will continue to fund herself.

For more information, check out the “Empower Yourself” Facebook page.

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