Family Fun Fest Announced

2016 Family Fun Fest

2016 Family Fun Fest

With August quickly approaching, the start of the new school year is just around the corner.  To help parents and students prepare, the Annual Family Fun Fest will be happening once again to distribute free backpacks and other school supplies.

Every year, the program, which is sponsored by the Anderson County Family Resource and Youth Service Centers, brings together businesses and other organizations to give away school items as well as provide lists for other items school children will need for the upcoming year.  Directed by Anderson County Middle School Youth Service Center Director, Beckey Johnson, the program has become a tradition in Anderson County as it is in its 16th year.  Other directors include Barbara Basham, Stacey Newton and Clay Birdwhistell.

In an announcement, Beckey explained they are planning to distribute 800 backpacks again this year and are encouraging more businesses to participate.  To inquire about participating in giving away items at the fun fest, contact Becky at

This year’s fun fest will be on July 27th from 6-8pm at the Anderson County Middle School.

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