A Best Friend to Help Noah

Buddy and Noah KidwellChris, Noah, and Nicole Kidwell

Fifteen year old Noah Kidwell has made a mark here in Anderson County as an excellent archer who uses his teeth to draw the bow due to a disability.  However, he has started suffering from seizures, but through an amazing combination of events, his parents, Nicole and Chris, are looking to train their dog to help Noah cope.

According to Nicole, Noah suffered from an arteriovenous malformation rupture when he was three years old.  Similar to a brain aneurism, it caused a number of disabilities for Noah, including left side weakness, cerebral palsy, vision deficits, and now epilepsy.  Through the years, Noah has overcome many obstacles and found a great outlet through archery at Anderson County schools.

Knowing a number of people through Noah’s archery, the Kidwells decided to adopt a sixth month old golden doodle named Buddy about a year and a half ago.  The breeder explained that the puppy had been returned twice due to health issues relating to seizures.  The Kidwells figured that wouldn’t be an issue for them.

However, earlier this year, Noah started suffering from seizures again, after not having them for many years.  A friend suggested to see if their dog could be trained as a service dog to help with the seizures, visual deficits, and more.

It turned out that Buddy was one of the best breeds that could be trained to detect seizures and more to help Noah gain more independence as he gets older.  Getting in contact with Ariel Roberts with Central Kentucky Canine, they found out that Buddy was a good candidate for the training.

But the training will take two years and $8400.  Buddy’s breeder, along with numerous community members, decided to get together to work on a fundraiser to help pay for the training.

The Kidwells decided that a benefit concert with a silent auction and bake sale would be a perfect way to help raise funds and give back to the community at the same time.  So they have organized numerous performers of various musical genres to perform at the Anderson County High School theatre this Saturday starting at 1pm.  It will feature Kenzie Trent, Donnie Reed, Marvin Kelly, Dax Evans, Randy Adams, and more, all volunteering their performances for the cause.

“It’s very humbling and exciting to see it all fall into place,” Chris said.  They are hoping for a large turnout to not only help raise funds for the training but also to enjoy the music.  For more information, check out their Facebook page.

Update 7/28/17: The Kidwells report that through the amazing outpouring of community support at this event that they have received enough funding to pay for the entire service training for Buddy.

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