Fun Activities for Kids Now at Bearcat Den

Russell, McKenzie, Kelly, Avery, and Kaitlyn Vaden

Lawrenceburg is now home to some fun activities for children and athletes with the opening of the new Bearcat Den.

Owned by Russell and Kelly Vaden, the Bearcat Den offers batting cages for baseball and softball along with a game room and bounce house.  According to Russell, the new business, located out on Hilltop Drive, will be a great destination for children to have fun. “Trying to give the kids around here something to do,” Russell said.

Russell’s wife, Kelly, explained that this was something they wanted to do for quite a number of years.  Having multiple children playing sports, they’ve been planning on opening such a business to not only give local children something to do, but also support the community by helping local sports teams. “When a local sports team does good, the whole community gets behind it and I like to be a small part of it,” Russell said.

Opening on July 5th, the Bearcat Den will also be offering children’s birthday options with games and more as well as offer movie and family nights.  They are planning to also bring in snacks and possibly hot dogs and pop corn.

For more information about the Bearcat Den, check out their Facebook page.

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