Anderson Radio Club To Demo Radios and Drones

Brian (KI4TLW) and Boomer (KM4QPA) operate voiceDrone DemonstrationJerry (K4TG) and Odis (W4IOD) assemble an antennaJohn (KM4CH) operating Morse CodeLucas (KK4ZNJ) and Greg (KY4GW) operate the GOTA station (where the public can try)View from the Drone

The Anderson Radio Club will be hosting a special demo of radios and drones, called “Field Day,” that will be open to the public this weekend.

Amateur Radio Field Day, known simply as “Field Day” is an international event that is scheduled for the fourth weekend in June, every year. Radio clubs and the American Radio Relay League offer this weekend as a contest, though the main purpose of the event is to fully test the amateur radio equipment that would be needed in time of disaster or emergency. +

Join the Anderson Radio Club (Callsign KY4LAW) this weekend, June 24-25, as they will be operating several stations at the Anderson County Park on the upper parking lot, and in the Lion’s Club Pavilion adjacent to the lot. Each “station” is an individual radio capable of transmitting voice, Morse Code, and various digital methods, to communicate with as many other stations around the world as possible from about 2:00 PM on Saturday, through the night, and until around 2:00 PM on Sunday.

The Anderson Radio Club makes this a public event to introduce people of all ages to amateur radio communication. All are encouraged to stop by and visit, ask questions and even participate. One station will be set up to allow non-licensed individuals to experience radio communication with another person, who may be in a different state, or even a different country.

Additional activities will include a drone and RC plane demonstration. Ride along “in the plane” as the RC pilot guides the plane through the air. Watch from the ground as the planes may perform loops and rolls.

For information about field day feel free to contact the Anderson Radio Club President, Brian, at KI4TLW@KY4LAW.COM, or visit the club on the web.  Photos by Greg Walters

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