School District Saves Over $2 Million in Energy Costs

The Anderson County School district has, through watchful guidance, saved a couple million dollars in energy costs and will be given an award for their efforts.

During last week’s school board meeting, energy management director, Gary Stinnett, explained that the district, since March of 2009 when the energy savings program was implemented, has saved over $2 million. “Since that time, we have been very diligent in our energy savings,” he said.

Gary also explained that Synergistic, the energy management company that helps with the program, will be awarding the district a special chairman sustainability award in the upcoming school board meeting.

The district is still continuing to save more costs even after eight years from the start of the program.  Gary explained that they started with a 25.9% savings the first year and are now at 32% this year with an overall savings of 28%.

Gary credits a number of changes he helped implement at the schools.  The biggest was eliminating small appliances like coffee makers and refrigerators from the classrooms as well as incentives for staff to help reduce energy costs.  He also said that the shut downs of the large walk in refrigeration units at the schools during summer, fall, and spring breaks have helped along with a number of other simple solutions.

In addition, Gary explained that Sparrow Early Childhood Center has made the top ten most energy efficient buildings in the state.  And, despite that it was only built 6 years ago, the energy use there has continued to improve every year.

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