City Celebrates Groundbreaking of Spray Park

Caleb Waldridge, Noal Cotton, City Clerk Robbie Hume, Councilman George Geoghegan, Mayor Goodlett, Councilman Bobby Durr, Sam McKown, Monty Rhody, Cole Waldridge, Gavin YatesOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The City of Lawrenceburg along with a few local children celebrated the official groundbreaking of the soon to be spray park in the Legion Park.

After about a four year process, Mayor Goodlett explained that they were finally able to start construction this year and are expecting to open the park by either late fall this year or early spring next year. “We’re excited about the groundbreaking today,”  Mayor Goodlett said.

The spray park, which has been designed by Water Odyssey, will be located in the Legion Park where the old volleyball courts are currently located.  According to City Clerk Robbie Hume, the spray park will take up both courts and measure 100ft wide by 75ft deep.

The park will consist of various spray features that can be activated by a push of a button and will have the most amount of water features in the space provided.  The park will be divided into four quadrants, with each part independently upgradeable.

During Monday’s city council meeting, Mayor Goodlett explained that they have ordered all of the equipment for the park which will be delivered soon.  However, they are still waiting for grant funds from the federal government which they think will be received sometime this month.

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