City Council Looks to Limit Fireworks Use

The City of Lawrenceburg has taken the first step to limit the times of when fireworks may be fired within the city limits after complaints from last year’s extended 4th of July fireworks usage.

An amended fireworks ordinance was introduced to the city council last night after discussions about the fireworks issue from a previous public works committee meeting.  The largest addition to the original ordinance is dates and times to limit when fireworks can be fired by residents.

According to the proposed changes, fireworks may only be fired from June 27th through July 11th during the times of 10am to 10pm.  On any Friday or Saturday that falls during that date range, the hours are extended until 11pm.  And on 4th of July, the latest fireworks can be fired is 12 midnight. The midnight limit is also extended to any rain date of the city’s official public fireworks display.  The city fire chief also has the authority to call off all fireworks in case of adverse weather conditions.

In addition, the changes include the banning of all fireworks on city land, including parks, as well as setting up a permit system for public firework displays.  The city will asses a $100 permit fee and application process for organizations or events to hold public fireworks displays.

The new ordinance passed the first reading and a specially called city council meeting was arranged for June 15th at 5pm to allow for the city to hold the second reading and final approval before 4th of July. “It was our plan to get the fireworks ordinance in place before 4th of July,” Mayor Goodlett said.

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