Work Ready Signs Unveiled in Special Ceremony

Judge Gritton and Mayor GoodlettGeorge LeamonState Representative James Tipton

A special ceremony was held yesterday in front of the Anderson County Board of Education building to reveal signs certifying Anderson County as a Work Ready Community.

George Leamon, executive director of the Lawrenceburg/Anderson County Economic Development Authority, explained that with becoming a work ready county, Anderson County will be more competitive to recruit and attract businesses to not only build here but also for existing businesses to grow. It joins 36 other counties out of 120 in the state to be classified as work ready.

The county, which received the work ready status back in February of this year, was critically evaluated by the state workforce innovation board in a process that took over a year and half and involved dozens of members of the community.  The board looked at high school graduation rates, national career readiness certificate holders, community commitment, education attainment, soft skills development and internet availability.

In combination, George explained that the factors indicate that Anderson County is working to build the skills of the local workforce.  “The ultimate goal is to build a highly skilled workforce,” George said.

Attending the sign unveiling were numerous local officials, including Mayor Goodlett, Judge Executive Orbrey Gritton, State Representative James Tipton, and Superintendent Sheila Mitchell. All were excited to see Anderson County to be certified.  Representative Tipton also presented a resolution honoring the county and those working on the certification.

“The state of Kentucky has the most rigorous process to become work ready,” Judge Gritton explained. “Anderson County is going to be a leader.  This will allow us to recruit, attract, and keep top level talent.” Judge Gritton also said that four of the work ready signs will be installed around the county.

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