Family Gives Birth to Quintuplets

Briana and Jordan DriskellAnn Richmond Beasley

A family spread across Anderson and Woodford Counties was recently surprised with quintuplets after trying to have a child for two and a half years.

Jordan Driskell was born here in Anderson County to his mother, Ann Richmond Beasley, who is a Lawrenceburg native.  They moved to Woodford County when Jordan was in the third grade.

After growing up, he met his future wife, Briana Turner.  They tried to have a child of their own but couldn’t.  Briana received a number of fertility treatments but still wasn’t successful.

According to Ann, who now lives back in Anderson County, they were about to give up when they received the shock of a lifetime.  Briana received a positive pregnancy test, and eight weeks later during an ultrasound, they were told that they were having quintuplets.

The pregnancy, however, wasn’t easy.  A number of medical complications caused Briana to stay at the hospital nine weeks before the planned c-section.  The babies were also delivered early at 29 weeks on May 2nd.

Ann explained that the quints, named Zoey Hart, Dakota Faith, Hollyn Grace, Asher Blaze and Gavin Lane, will be staying at the hospital until sometime in July but are healthy.

Both Ann and Briana’s mother, Debbie Turner, are planning to help the new family when the babies are ready to come home.  “We are really thankful that God chose us to help them,” Ann said.

Jordan and Briana setup a special Facebook page dedicated to their quints.  On the page, Jordan, who is also a musician, released a special music video dedicated to them.  They have also setup a GoFundMe page to help raise funds for medical expenses.

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