Veterans and Soldiers Honored at Special Gathering

Retired US Army Chaplin Colonel DeWayne Brewer, US Marines Staff Sergeants Kenneth Porter and John OtterKelly CaseyRon McCauleyLeonard O'Neal, CR Brown, and Bill Engram

Veterans and two US Marine staff sergeants, who will be deployed to Afghanistan in a few months, were honored yesterday with a free meal and multiple recognitions at the Chrysler of Lawrenceburg dealership.

Owner of the dealership, Ron McCauley, who is also a veteran, organized the event as a way to continue helping veterans.  Through the years, Ron and Doug Day have recognized nearly 6,000 veterans. “It is an honor for me to give back a little bit,” he said.

US Marine veteran, CR Brown, who served for 6 years, came to Lawrenceburg from Lexington for the event and was glad to see the recognition and free lunch provided for the veterans. “I’m proud that they are honoring the veterans locally because it has been a long time coming,” he said.

Kenneth Porter and John Otter, both staff sergeants for the US Marines, were honored multiple times through various local and state recognitions.  Both staff sergeants will be deployed to Afghanistan this August.

Attending the event were numerous veterans, a number of which received Purple Hearts.  Finalist for the television show “American Idol,” Kelly Casey, sang the National Anthem for the veterans.

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