Alternative Health Options Continue to Thrive in Lawrenceburg

Alternative health options continue to thrive in Lawrenceburg as one of the town’s most unique stores begins offering more classes to help everyone in the area.

Pam and Don Giles, owners of Antiques, Uniques, and Metaphysics which is located just off Broadway, opened their store in Lawrenceburg over three years.  In that time, they have offered numerous alternative healing options for local residents, including essential oils, crystals, herbs, teas and more.

The unique combination of items and healing methods has continually attracted many.  According to both Pam and Don, they seen a large increase in interest in alternative health last year.  “More and more people are recognizing the benefits of essential oils, herbs, herbal teas and even the healing energies of stones and crystals,” Don said.

To continue with helping heal those in need, Pam will once again be offering classes and Reiki sessions after an extended pause.  Reiki is a form of energy healing.

They’re also offering various sales and promotions all month.  Each day, they will be giving discounts or gifts to customers.  All mirrors and art will be discounted on “Mirror Mondays,” herbs, incense and used books will be given at buy one get one free on “Two of Tuesdays,” customers can draw their own discounts on “Wild Wednesday,” free gifts will be given to customers with purchases over $10 on “Thankful Thursdays,” and all furniture items will be discounted on “Furniture Frenzy Fridays,” excepting consignment items.

For more information about Antiques, Uniques, and Metaphysics, check out their Facebook page.

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