USDA Recognizes Anderson County

David GarmonLois Ann DisponettCindy Crutcher

Anderson County has made the attention of officials in Washington, DC, and was recognized yesterday for its leading role in providing United States Department of Agriculture Rural Development loans to prospective home buyers.

According to USDA direct lender, David Garmon, Anderson County has been leading the top of the charts of all eligible counties in the state for the past ten years for direct USDA Rural Development loans to home buyers.  The program has helped provide loans for over 200 families totaling over $28 million for just the past three years.

At the gathering of Anderson County realtors, lenders, local and national officials for the recognition, USDA officials explained that the various loan programs that the USDA provides, including guaranteed, direct, and interest buy down loans, help to give families more affordable options which in turn helps them save in the long run.

David explained that the USDA programs are well used in this county because the realtors here realize the benefits they provide to potential home buyers. “Other counties have not utilized this program like Anderson County has,” he said.

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