Great Daycares: Saffell Street Elementary After School

Saffell Street Elementary After School program is a fun and educational option for many children in Lawrenceburg.

Judy Shepherd, who has been the director of the program for 27 years, explained that they cater to a wide variety of students and encourage play and interaction.  Through computer programs, the staff help augment education taught at the school during normal school days.  They also help students with homework and encourage continued science education.

The staff at Saffell’s After School program are also well trained.  Most hold a Master’s degree which helps continue the education and curriculum taught at the school while making it feel like family. “It’s a family atmosphere, and the parents are totally supportive,” Judy said.

According to Judy, the program is currently a STARS Level 1 rated facility by the state, which means it meets all the necessary requirements.  However, they have all the requirements set for this upcoming year to reach a level 2, which includes requirements for higher quality instruction.

The Saffell Street Elementary After School Program is primarily open to students at the school.  However, they do accept students from Sparrow Early Childhood Center and Emma B Ward Elementary if their programs fill up.

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