Hundreds Gather to Help Replace Flags at Healing Field

Sheriff Joe Milam and Judge Executive Orbrey GrittonCity Attorney Robert Myles and Mayor GoodlettPam BroughACHS Advanced Chorus Singing "My Old Kentucky Home"Sheriff Joe Milam, County Clerk Jason Denny, County Jailer Joani Clark, District Judge JR RoBardsState Rep James Tipton, County Clerk Jason Denny, Sheriff Joe Milam, Judge Executive Orbrey Gritton

Hundreds gathered for a very special ceremony at the Healing Field in the Legion Park today as thousands of dollars worth of donated American Flags replaced the old flags on the field’s flag poles.

Pam Brough from the Anderson County Chamber of Commerce and the American Legion Auxiliary explained that the Woodsmen of the World Life Insurance Company donated flags to replace all of the  119 Healing Field flags as well as the ones on the Wall of Honor.

In a large ceremony, hundreds of veterans, including those riding motorcycles as part of the American Legion Riders, as well as family members of those killed in action gathered at the field to allow for all the flags to be replaced at the same time.  Many dignitaries and local officials also spoke during ceremony.  “We don’t want this to be just a memory.  We want it to be a memorial,” Judge Executive Orbrey Gritton said.

Pam explained the history behind the field.  Originally built in 2007 by the American Legion Auxiliary with one flag pole as a way to represent every soldier killed in the line of duty in the war on terror from the state of Kentucky, the field started with just 69 poles and was the first permanent field of its kind in the country.  In June of 2008, the field was destroyed by straight line winds but was quickly rebuilt with donations pouring in.

“I think that tells each and every one of us here today what this healing field means to the American Legion Auxiliary, to the City of Lawrenceburg, to State of Kentucky, and to these families that come here,” Pam said.

Now at 119 flags, the field was renovated with new landscaping last year and has continued to be a hallmark of thanks to those who have bravely served our country.

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  1. I want to thank everyone for allowing me to be apart of this wonderess event at the Healing Fields I am part of the American Legion Riders Post88 in Corbin

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