ACHS Football Field to be Revitalized

The Anderson County High School football field will soon see a complete revitalization after the Anderson County School Board approved a request by Coach Mark Peach to fix the field.

Presenting to the board during this past month’s board meeting, Coach Peach described the reality of the bad state of the field.  He explained that the field is inherently unsafe due to various kinds of grasses and weeds that have overtaken the field, causing a very uneven playing field. “[It’s] so uneven that you could turn, sprain, or break your ankle playing on it,” he said.

The cause of the poor state of the field is due to the heavy use by both the high school and middle school teams.  Coach Peach explained that all three high school teams and both middle school teams use the field, accumulating 25 games in just a 10 week peak season. “We desperately need a better surface to hold up better with all the volume of traffic that is on the field,” he said.

It also causes a poor reflection of the entire district.  Coach Peach mentioned that a family from North Dakota had visited Anderson and surrounding counties to find the best district to move to.  While here, they were impressed with basketball program but were very concerned with the football field.

He also listed how most of the opponents that the football teams face every year have much more improved fields.  Many are using artificial turf fields, and those that do use grass have very well maintained and safe fields.

Coach Peach proposed a minimum revitalization of the ACHS field, costing the district $12,170, which will include leveling and replanting Bermuda grass.  ACHS Principal Glass also explained that there will be a maintenance program setup to prevent the field from going back into an unsafe condition.

The board was mostly willing to approve the request.  However, there was discussion on future plans to build a multi sport complex with an artificial turf field.  Board member Roger McDowell also felt that the revitalization plan didn’t address the underlying drainage and irrigation problems and voted against the plan.  However, after the discussion, the board did vote to revitalize the field.

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