City in Good Shape, Flat Tax Rate Proposed for Next Year

Mayor Goodlett declared that the city is in good financial shape and proposed keeping a flat tax rate for the upcoming fiscal year during his state of the city address.

“The accomplishments of Lawrenceburg are a result of the effects and the efforts of the members of the city council who vote to support the current budget which has afforded progress in every department of the city,” Mayor Goodlett explained as he thanked all the employees that have contributed to the success of the city.

Financially, the city is in good shape, according to the mayor.  They have met the 2016-17 budget forecast and will end the fiscal year in a good position.  Because of the good financial forecast, the mayor proposed keeping a flat property tax for the upcoming budget.

During the year, Mayor Goodlett explained that the city has accomplished many goals.  They have paved over 6000ft of road and city owned parking lots, worked on the Alton Sewer replacement and ran a number of new sewer lines, purchased new cruisers for the police department, and much more.

For the upcoming year, he would like to see the city complete the spray park project, replace more old and failing vehicles and trucks, continue to rehabilitate deteriorating manholes and water basins, and continue improving the sewer system.  He also wants to complete the sidewalk on the north side of Broadway from Saffell Street to Johnson Street as well as replace water lines along the way.

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