Record Numbers Planned to Attend Ladies Day

Marlene with "Best of Lwrenceburg" Basket

Marlene with “Best of Lwrenceburg” Basket

The Fourth Annual Ladies Day in Lawrenceburg is planning to have a record number of shoppers this year as both residents and those from the surrounding area head to Lawrenceburg to enjoy all the new shopping experiences and lots of giveaways.

Ladies Day was originally started by Marlene Yung of the Lawrenceburg Bed and Breakfast.  Designed to help bring more awareness for local merchants, the day has become a tradition in Lawrenceburg offering prizes, entertainment, food, and, of course, shopping for all participants.

This year’s Ladies Day, which will be on Saturday, May 13th, will feature a very large, “Best of Lawrenceburg” Basket to be given away to a lucky shopper.  According to Marlene, the basket will have lots of goodies from local stores and will total in value of around $1000.

To have a chance to win the basket, shoppers will first need to go to the Anderson County Senior Center anywhere from 10am to 2pm to pick up a shopper’s card and enjoy the many arts and crafts and direct sales vendors stationed at the center.  The card will let the shoppers be eligible for great discounts at all the participating stores.  Only the first 100-125 or so will receive a card and shopping bag.

Marlene explained that when shoppers buy something at each participating store, they will receive a special receipt.  Those receipts are then counted, and for every $5 spent, they will receive a ticket for the big “Best of Lawrenceburg” basket.

After all the shopping is done, Rising Sons Winery will start offering entertainment at 3pm.  As the shoppers head to the winery for a night of fun, they will hand in their receipts for tickets and their shopping card for a chance to win other door prizes at the winery.

And just to add some more fun for the day, Marlene said they will also be having a hat contest for the prettiest or most unusual hat.  She explained that there will be roving judges to pick shoppers with the best hats.

If the weather holds clear, Marlene expects a great turnout and lots of fun. “Get out, enjoy Lawrenceburg, and have a wonderful time,” Marlene said.

For more information about Ladies Day and to see the discounts being offered at each store or to see what’s going in the the “Best of Lawrenceburg” Basket, check out their Facebook page.

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