Students and Teachers Recognize Each Other in Heartfelt Assembly

Principal Glass with Student and Teacher NominatorsRebecca Potter and Mason EichhornRebecca Potter and Kinsey RobertsPrincipal Glass and Laura BrickenLexi ThompsonAllison WilliamsJoe Markiewicz and the SOS Students

Students, teachers, and staff members at Anderson County High School held a very special assembly last week where students and teachers that have made a positive impact were recognized in a very heartfelt way.

Called “Cats with a Cause,” the assembly was organized by Joe Markiewicz from the Kentucky Injury Prevention and Research Center and the ACHS Saving Our Students Youth Drug Prevention Coalition.  The event allowed teachers to highlight students as well as students to highlight teachers that have positively affected them.

“It is a social norming event,” Joe said as he explained that the event created a positive atmosphere in the school.  It was also to highlight positive adult role models for students.

Advisor to the SOS coalition, Donna Crain Drury, said, “Strength of relationships between students and teachers, school staff and principals can affect youthful temptations to try drugs of all kinds.  While the school setting is not the single influence on most youth, those who work in schools play a critical role in the lives of students of all ages through interactions on a daily basis.”

As students and teachers nominated each other and received blue ribbons, all of the presenters gave heartfelt reasons as to why they chose each other.  One of the most emotional was when both student Lexi Thompson and teacher Allison Williams chose each other.

“To put it simply, she is my hero.  I didn’t think I would ever meet someone so faith driven, so soft spoken, so admirable…Because of her, I feel like I’m important because she looks at me like I’m important…I can’t thank her enough for being my greatest friend,” Lexi said.

In like kind, Allison said, “She has strength in her quietness, she has a heart of faith, and a smile for everyone…This young lady sees a learning opportunity in every failure and every success.  She isn’t just a good person; she is a great one.”

Others picked those who pushed through adversity or helped each other in times of need.    Teacher Rebecca Potter nominated students, Kinsey Roberts and Mason Eichhorn.

“During her soccer season this year, Kinsey was diagnosed with a potentially fatal heart condition, that not only ended her season but very well could end sports for her permanently.  What I admire about Kinsey is the way in which she chose to accept her prognosis.  Instead of seeing despair, she saw an opportunity to learn…Even more impressive was Kinsey’s attitude.  She kept her chin up, she worked hard, she smiled,” Rebecca said of Kinsey.

For Mason, she continued, “I am nominating Mason because I have been so blessed to have him in my class this year.  This is a young person that has such a cool mind and a creative spirit that it must be recognized…His writing and art are incredible”

Even Principal Chris Glass was nominated by student Laura Bricken.  “He is the person that has been there to help me through tough times no matter what,” she said.

In total, fifteen students, teachers and staff members were nominated and presented with a blue ribbon that created an incredible positive experience for the entire school.

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