Schools’ Menus to Improve with Professional Chef

Chef Bradley Mitchell and Ronnie Fields

Chef Bradley Mitchell and Ronnie Fields

Anderson County schools’ menus will be soon be tastier and more nutritious using more locally grown food as a professional chef helps tweak and enhance the meals served for students.

According to the schools director of programs and operations, Ronnie Fields, Chef Bradley Mitchell has been at the schools since right after the end of Spring break as part of the Kentucky Department of Agriculture’s Chefs in Schools Program.

The program has assigned three different professional chefs to go to school districts around the state to not only improve the menus but also figure out ways to use more locally grown products within the strict guidelines set for the schools. “An expert chef can help us do that,” Ronnie said.

Chef Mitchell, who will be serving in Anderson County until the end of this week before heading to Mercer County, graduated from Sullivan University in 1990 and was a chef at the Kentucky governor’s mansion for 14 years.

According to Chef Mitchell, he has so far helped improve a number of the recipes at the high school, including the vegan burger.  Using brown rice and black beans, he explained that the new vegan/vegetarian option is crispy on the outside and moist on the inside.

He has also sampled out new dishes to see how students enjoy the food.  One recipe involved a roasted pork and apples with caramelized onions and a thyme and pineapple glaze.  The big twist, Chef Mitchell explained, was not using any salt in the glaze to comply with the low sodium requirements of the school but still have it just as tasty.

And the new options have been well received. Ronnie said that all the students he spoke with enjoyed the new food.

Chef Mitchell has also been giving professional guidance for the current cooks at the schools so the new recipes will be easy to prepare when he moves on to the next school district.  “We have talented cooks in all of our cafeterias,” Ronnie said.

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