Living in Anderson County for 100 Years

An Anderson County resident will be reaching her 100th year living in the county and remembers all the amazing changes both here and across the world that occurred during her time.

Blanch York was born May 3rd, 1917, in Anderson County.  Living on a farm for a few years as her father was a tenant farmer, Blanch and her siblings would move in with her grandmother when she was four years old after her mother passed away.

During this time, she remembers how cars fascinated her.  Growing up riding only horses and buggies, cars were something entirely new for her.

At eleven years old, Blanch got a special opportunity.  A neighbor knew of a family who was a teacher at the esteemed Kavanaugh School on East Woodford Street.  The teacher needed help with her work and so Blanch got to stay with her and attend the school.

Seven years later, Blanch married and had two children of her own.  During the years, she remembers shopping up and down Lawrenceburg’s Main Street. “It was a treat to go to the dime store,” she said.

“You wouldn’t believe the changes in Lawrenceburg,” she explained.  She recalled going to the Lyric Theater on Main Street which was located next to the Anderson National Bank that is now the Anderson County Clerk’s office and parking lot.

Through the years, she is incredibly thankful for her family and everyone in her life. “I’ve been blessed,” she said.

Her family will be celebrating her birthday this Sunday, April 30th, from 2-4pm at the First Christian Church.  They have explained that all friends and family are invited to join in the celebration.

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