Mother, Daughter Adopt Garden in Front of Senior Center

Sue PriddyBob DuBois, Kelly Thurman, Jennett Coulter, Lyn Reuteler

Although the annual community service day encourages volunteers across the county to help organizations and people in need, a mother and daughter have decided to go further and help make the garden space in front of the Anderson County Senior Center beautiful throughout the year.

Sue Priddy and her mom, Renska Stath, are passionate about gardening.  Last summer, they decided to help, along with other volunteers, improve the garden bed in front of the senior center as a way so everyone can enjoy it.  “We’re making it look beautiful so the community loves it,” Sue said.  A bird feeder and a number of plants were added.

This year, on community service day, they are adding even more.  According to Sue, they have added herbs and more flowers. Renska also donated an American Flag in honor of Sue’s father for the flag pole.  They are also going to be adding a variety of garden art.

Sue explained that the garden space is a perfect location of members of the senior center as well as everyone in the community to enjoy a great garden.  She is hoping to find a bench and spotlights for the flag to continue to improve it.  They also plan to decorate it with the seasons, including cornstalks, mums, and more during the Fall.

In addition to the garden bed in the front of the center, other volunteers worked on planting the vegetable beds.  Bob DuBois explained that they are planning to plant a number of tomatoes this year.

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