Bearcat Day Project Inspires Students to Find Local Role Models

Maddison GooteeKenzie RoseMadison Wash

Bearcat Days have been proven to be a successful alternative for snow days as fourth grade students at Emma B Ward find and look up to local role models from Kentucky.

The Bearcat Day program is a non-traditional replacement for the standard snow day at Anderson County Schools.  Each school and grade across the county chooses projects for students to work on at home during times of winter weather when the schools are closed.

For the fourth grade students at Emma B Ward, they were given a project to find a famous person who was born in Kentucky and create, not only a report and presentation, but also a Bottle Buddy model using an empty bottle and craft supplies.  They then showcased their work to the entire school last Friday.

Called the Bottle Buddy Parade, the projects have been getting more successful for each of the three years it has been showcased.  Teacher Megan Drennan explained, “They worked really hard…A lot of them went above and beyond the call of duty.”

Teachers at the school feel that the projects give the students a sense of pride and excitement continues to grow.  “They amaze us every year with this,” TJ Spivey, fourth grade math teacher, said.  Principal Bobby Murphy also added, “The kids have put a lot of work into it…They teach other students about it schoolwide.  That’s what we love about it.”

Many of the students presenting their bottle buddies were extremely excited about the person they chose.  Maddison Gootee created a Johnny Depp bottle buddy because she wants to be an actress one day and is inspired by him.

Kenzie Rose picked former governor Martha Layne Collins.  “I picked her because she is a great example of leadership for young women like me,” she said.

Madison Wash decided to create a bottle buddy of Miss America winner, Heather Renee French.  Being someone who has participated in pageants, Madison said, “I thought she would be a really good person to choose because I can relate to what she does.”

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