Animals Blessed in Anderson County

Michelle Redmon blessing LuckyDiana Shaffner & BridgetteMichelle Redmon blessing Molly (horse) & Larry E. Drury

The spring sun shined brightly and was the perfect complement for the Blessing of the Animals at Good Acres Sanctuaries in Anderson County on this past Saturday afternoon.

The Easter event, held annually at Good Acres Sanctuaries, is for allowing visitors to experience farm animals in a different way by meeting them face to face and realizing their intelligent and highly sensitive nature.
According to GSA owner and director, Diana Shaffner, explained, “Cows and many other farm animals typically find themselves on the very bottom rung of human compassion while other animal pets are glorified by their owners…All events held at Good Acres Sanctuaries, with the Easter event in particular, are a celebration of life, and ALL life is precious.”

On the farm of Diana and George Shaffner, horses and cattle received blessings from Pastor Michelle Redmon from Emerge Ministries of Lawrenceburg and Frankfort.  Pastor Redmon moved from horse to horse and to a mother cow with her baby calf to give each animal a special touch along with a blessing from God.

“Good Acres Sanctuaries is proud to be a special meeting place in this community where everybody is welcome and no one gets judged for their beliefs or background.  Spending some time absorbing the unique atmosphere, tranquility, and peace at the sanctuary is healing.  We all need healing in one way or another,” said Diana in explaining more about what happens at Good Acres Sanctuaries.

This unique Easter event not only affirmed life by having farm animals present and having them blessed by a local pastor, but it also featured a fully plant-based food buffet full of warm and cold entrees and various delicious, but healthy, desserts served in the farm’s main barn. Approximately 60 guests were treated to a totally vegan menu of food items and healthy drinks.  “Many guests had never seen or eaten a vegan meal.  For them it was an adventure of the palate to explore a plant-powered buffet full of many tasty and satisfying options,” said Diana.

After the meal, Dr. Deborah Tallio of Mindful Medicine in Lexington, talked with guests about healthy eating and answered questions about specific concerns related to health, medical treatment, and medication.  Dr. Tallio has started a support group called Plant Medicine-Mindful Medicine.  The group is to support people with medical issues, who are transitioning to a healthier plant-based diet.  More information can be found here.

Diana Shaffner advised, “Good Acres Sanctuaries will host several smaller informal get-togethers at the sanctuary during the year, such as “Cows’n Coffee.”  Those interested in attending such gatherings can e-mail Diana Shaffner at to be added to the Good Acres Sanctuaries newsletter or go to for more information and to schedule a visit at the animal sanctuary.

Justin Tyler, music worship director at Emerge Ministries, provided entertainment for the guests with his guitar playing and singing. This event was sponsored by Good Acres Sanctuaries of Lawrenceburg, ASAP (Agency for Substance Abuse Policy) of Anderson County, and Mindful Medicine of Lexington.

-Written by Donna Crain Drury

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