Library Expansion on Schedule 6 Months into Construction

New AdditionNew AdditionNew Main Rear EntranceNew Community RoomNew Community RoomOriginal Library Open AreaOriginal Library Open AreaOriginal Library Open AreaOriginal Library Open AreaLibrary Director Pam Marks and Board President Bryan Proctor

Starting at the end of September last year, the Anderson Public Library expansion project is quickly moving forward as both the new addition and interior of the original library continue towards completion.

The project, which had been in the planning stages for well over a year to bring more educational and community resources, is now over six months in to the construction and renovation phase.  According to library board president, Bryan Proctor, Hawkins Construction is simultaneously working on both the new addition as well as completely renovating the interior of the original library.

He explained that the steel framing, exterior sheathing, and roof decking are being installed on the new addition while the interior of the original library is already being drywalled.  The renovation and addition work is allowing Hawkins to move from project to project even during delays in any one part of the total project that naturally occur during such a large scale project.

According to Bryan, this is allowing the construction team to stay within schedule. “In our eyes, the construction team is within their allotted time frame,” Bryan said.

The newly expanded library, when finished by late summer/early fall of this year, will see more than 9,000 more square feet.  The new area will feature a largely expanded children’s section and community meeting rooms as well as more books and a recreated local history room.  With the addition, the larger library is expected to serve the community for over 20 years.

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