Resident Celebrates 100th Birthday

An Anderson County resident has seen many things as she celebrates her 100th birthday in little over a week, and one of her fondest childhood memories was watching silent movies on the Kentucky River.

Eunice Searcy was born and raised near the Kentucky River east of Salvisa.  Growing up in her parent’s farm house on McCouns Ferry Road with seven brothers and sisters, she was a distance away from both Salvisa and Lawrenceburg, but that didn’t stop her from enjoying motion pictures.

Eunice explained that her parent’s farm joined the ferry on the river.  Every summer, a show boat would come down the river.  The operators would give free tickets to her family if they would put up posters around the countryside for the boat.  With a free ticket, Eunice got to enjoy the silent movies as a child. “That was one of my childhood memories that I looked forward to,” she said.

As she grew up, she would marry and help farm with her husband for 25 years.  She joined the Anderson County Homemakers after they bought their first home and farm.  She said that the club helped her learn many things including gardening, canning/preserving, and decorating. “It was very important to me,” she said.

Although she misses cooking and eating the fresh foods she was used to having on the farm, Eunice has been enjoying the home her husband built back in 1972 right next to the Wild Turkey Trace Golf Course on US62.  Her family, friends, and neighbors have been helping her greatly as she gets older.  She has also been enjoying the outreach program from the Anderson Public Library so she can continually read books.

As she turns 100 on April 10th, Eunice explained that she had many family members that lived as long as she has, some even longer.  Two of her sisters were in their late 90s when they passed away and one was just shy of 100.  One of her grandmothers and an aunt reached 95, and an uncle was 107.

Over the century, her family has gotten very large with children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren.  “By the time I got through having great grand children, I got a big family,” she said. Many will be heading to Lawrenceburg soon to celebrate her 100th birthday.

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