CAL Student Signs with Boyce to Play Basketball and Become Minister

Kenny Bain, Nathan Bain, Vandon Bain, Blake Rogers, Matthew Bain, Midge Bain, Cory Robinson

Kenny Bain, Nathan Bain, Vandon Bain, Blake Rogers, Matthew Bain, Midge Bain, Cory Robinson

Christian Academy of Lawrenceburg student, Nathan Bain, will be heading to Boyce College in Louisville to not only play basketball but also to become a youth minister after signing for the basketball team on Wednesday.

While studying at CAL, Nathan excelled in academics and basketball.  “He’s just an all around good basketball player,” CAL boys basketball coach, Cory Robinson, said.

Nathan’s father, Kenny, explained that his son chose Boyce because of its program for the ministry, which is something that Nathan is very passionate about.  Kenny said that his son is looking to become a youth minister and possibly a physical therapist assistant.

Although Nathan explained that he originally didn’t expect to play college ball, he talked with Boyce coach, Blake Rogers, and liked what he heard. “I like what their program is about.  I like that they keep God first,” Nathan said.

He also explained that he will be playing completely out of passion for the game and program as the college doesn’t offer scholarships for basketball players. “I’m going there to play off scholarship just because I enjoy their program so much and just to be able to play the game I love while also learning about God,” he said.

The basketball program will also give an opportunity for Nathan to grow as it is a relatively new program, according to Coach Rogers.  It has continually improved every year for the five years he has been coaching. “We like guys that can dribble, pass and shoot, and his size will open opportunities for him,” Coach Rogers said.

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