Online Grocery Shopping Comes to Lawrenceburg

Devon HenryPam Stratton Loading an OrderDevon Henry Collecting Groceries

Although online shopping has become popular, buying groceries have always been done in store, especially here in Lawrenceburg.  However, the Lawrenceburg Kroger has recently started a new online way to buy groceries and have them loaded right in your car.

Called ClickList, the program allows customers to select groceries through the Kroger website and let Kroger employees gather and load them in your car while not having to go inside the store.  Devon Henry, e-commerce manager at the Lawrenceburg Kroger, explained that Kroger has been rolling out the new program to communities it thinks would be a perfect fit for it.

Devon, who has been involved in the program since October, said that ClickList has been very popular with young mothers and business people who don’t have time to shop. “It’s just a really big convenience for people,” she said while explaining that customers never need to enter store to receive their groceries.

The process to place an order is also very streamlined.  According to Devon, customers sign up for an account at the Kroger website, and shop for their favorite items.  After a number of orders, the online system remembers and recommends items for easy reorder.

Once the order is placed, Kroger employees will start collecting the items on the shopping list.  Customers can specify specific things like ripeness of fruits and vegetables as well as whether substitutions are appropriate if a specific item is out of stock.  They then hold the items in a special cart with refrigerated and frozen items placed in specific refrigerators and freezers.

A few hours later, customers then go to the Lawrenceburg Kroger and park in the designated areas for ClickList customers.  They call the ClickList phone line and an employee will gather and load the order right in the customer’s car no more than five minutes later.  Payment for the order is done car-side, although they are working on an online payment system.  No tips are required or accepted; however, the program does cost $4.95 an order after the first three times which are given for free.

Devon said that the program is becoming more popular in the county.  They have even had orders from the Anderson County High School for their culinary classes as well as daycares in the county.  She also personally enjoys the process where she can help customers more.

For more information about ClickList, check out their website.

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