Councilman Vaughn Resigns, Two New Police Officers Introduced at City Meeting

Officers Eric Cunningham and John Michael Durr

Officers Eric Cunningham and John Michael Durr

During last night’s Lawrenceburg City Council meeting, Mayor Goodlett announced the resignation of council member Thomas Vaughn as well introduced two new police officers to the council.

According to Mayor Goodlett, council member Vaughn had moved outside of the city limits and was required to resign.  “We certainly appreciate the work that Mr Vaughn did for the council,” he said. “We will certainly miss his interest and enthusiasm for the city.”

He explained that the council has 30 days to find a replacement for the empty seat or Governor Matt Bevin would be called on to appoint a replacement.  Later in the meeting, the council nominated former council member George Geoghegan, who lost his seat in the previous election, as a possible replacement.

During the meeting, police chief Chris Atkins introduced two new police officers to the council: John Michael Durr and Eric Cunningham.  He explained that they will be heading to the police academy on March 26th for 23 weeks of training.  “I’m pleased that we have two new officers which puts us really close to having a full cadre of officers,” Mayor Goodlett said.

The Alton Sewer Project was also updated during the meeting, with city engineer Monty Rhody saying that the city received 12 bids for the project, with a number of them coming in well below the $2 million estimate.  The council decided to go with the lowest bid from Weddle Enterprises for $1,871,025.

In addition, the council also approved the ability for the city to accept credit and debit cards for payments made by residents for taxes, business licenses, etc.  Mayor Goodlett explained that this was the first step into setting up an online payment system for those items.  However, the city will charge a 3% fee for credit and debit payments.

The city also approved a 2.1% salary increase for city workers as well as accepting a resolution for the regional hazard mitigation plan.

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