Taste Kentucky Recipes at Festival of Foods

Susan Campbell and Janet McDowell

Susan Campbell and Janet McDowell

This Tuesday night, residents around the county will get a chance to taste dozens of different foods that have been traditionally made right here in Kentucky.

As part of the annual Festival of Foods, the Anderson County Extension Homemakers decided to focus on promoting old time and traditional recipes from Kentucky.  According to Susan Campbell and Janet McDowell, the event has in the past focused on other regions and countries, but they have decided to focus on Kentucky for this year’s event.

So homemakers clubs will be preparing three or four various traditional Kentucky recipes like country ham, cornmeal gravy, moonlight cornbread, and many more.  They will then gather at the Anderson County Extension Building in the county park from 6-8pm Tuesday night.

Attendees of the event will get tastings of all the different meals as well as recipes on how to make them.  They will also have a chance to bid in an auction that will help fund other homemakers events.

To attend the Festival of Foods, there will be a $5 charge for adults and $2 for students.  Five year olds and younger will be able to attend for free.

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