Homeschooler Wins Rotary Speech Contest

Annie Edwards, Luke Edwards, and Sophie Etherington

Annie Edwards, Luke Edwards, and Sophie Etherington

Students from around the county competed last week in the annual Lawrenceburg Rotary Club Speech Contest.  The contest, which started in 1994, encourages high school students in the county to write and deliver a speech on a theme relating to helping others.

This year’s theme was based on how Rotary helps serves humanity.  The Rotary Club is an international organization with clubs around the world dedicated to helping educational needs as well as eradicating polio.

For this year’s competition at the Lawrenceburg chapter, three students competed.  Christian Academy of Lawrenceburg student, Sophie Etherington, took third place.  She talked about how the local chapter has helped education in the community by providing dictionaries and scholarships.  She also presented how the outreach and volunteering she has done through CAL has affected her life: “It helped me see that being a servant is just a blessing.”

Luke Edwards, a 16 year old homeschool student, won second place.  Luke focused his speech on how many small steps can massively improve the world.  Through Rotary’s small steps, he explained that they have pushed to eradicate polio.  “They have worked hard over the last years to eradicate polio…It is truly a great thing they have done,” he said.

Second time winner of the contest, Annie Edwards moved the judges with her speech on how the club has progressively helped people from infants to adults through their various programs. “I think from my observation that what Rotary does to this world is it creates these willing hands, these bright minds, and these caring hearts that can go out and help others,” she said.

Annie, who is also a homeschool student, will move forward and compete at the section competition. She’ll then have a shot at the regional and state levels.

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