Pinewood Derby Becoming More Popular

Travis HuberGabriel Stratton, Bradyn Terrell, and Collin MooreGrand Champion Race Being SetupBen Gorley

Anderson County Cub Scout Pack 38 had some fun this weekend as they hosted the 2017 pinewood derby for county scouts from first through fifth grades.

Travis Huber, cub master for the pack, said that the derby is getting more popular each year with great car designs from the scouts. “It’s one of my favorite events of the year…I love watching the kids compete, and I love watching the designs the kids come up with because you just never know what you are going to get,” he said.

To further sponsor creativity, they held a special design class where the cars were judged on creativity.  This year’s derby featured a number of Batmobiles ranging from all eras of Batman, earning the nickname for the derby, “Year of the Bat.”

Gabriel Stratton’s Batmobile took first place this year for the design competition.  Bradyn Terrell took second, and Collin Moore won third.

The racing part of the derby also held strong competition among the four age groups of scouts.  Winners of all four groups competed head to head for the grand champion race.  Ben Gorley won the competition with Connor Drennan taking second, Jacob Wallace winning third, and Matthew Franklin was fourth.

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