Ag Commissioner Meets With 4H and FFA

Commissioner of Agriculture Ryan QuarlesFront row: Taylor Cook, Catherine Brak, Mary Brak, Heidi Garcia.

Back Row: Casey Meredith, Nick Dennis, Tyler Gardner

The Anderson County 4H club members and Anderson County High School FFA students met with the Kentucky Commissioner of Agriculture, Ryan Quarles, today to promote the Ag Tag program that helps ensure the future of agriculture in the state.

According to Commissioner Quarles, the Ag Tag program is a voluntary donation that is given at the time when a farm license plate is renewed every year.  County clerks across the state ask if the owner of the farm vehicle would like to donate $10 to the program.  “It’s the farm community supporting the farm community,” he said.

The program, which raised $552,000 last year across the state, is divided three ways among the 4H, FFA, and Kentucky Proud programs.  Half of the 4H and FFA parts are then sent back to the local chapters of the county where the donations come from.  The funds at both the state and local levels are used directly to help promote agriculture and students who are interested in attending the programs.

A number of local officials including State Representative James Tipton, County Clerk Jason Denny, and Judge Executive Orbrey Gritton were present with Commissioner Quarles at the county clerk’s office.  Commissioner Quarles was very appreciative of Anderson County having much respect of agriculture, with over $4000 being donated from Anderson County last year.

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